1. What is PSE Summit all about?
Presented by e gov, PSE, Public Sector Enterprises Summit is a forum which will attract the who’s who of the Government/PSE and Corporate sector. It’s a forum to provide a comprehensive outlook, thereby highlighting the contributions made by PSEs. Technology as an enabler in fostering socio-economic development in India would also be discussed discreetly among the key attendees.

2. Where and When is PSE Summit happening?
PSE Summit is being organized on 23-24th July, 2013 at Hyderabad International Convention Centre, Hyderabad,  India

3. What does PSE Summit has to offer you?
PSE Summit is a heady mix of an eventful day with key ministries of Government and selected Corporates coupled with the networking opportunity, providing you an elevated step; thus leveraging your Brand. The Summit would have a Conference session, an Exposium and an Award ceremony highlighting and appreciating the efforts in industry that has led to a Socio-Economic Progress. The congregation would include the who’s who from the Government/PSE and Corporate fraternity.

4. Who all would be attending the PSE Summit?
For the visitors Profile in PSE Summit, click to Visitor’s Profile link on Home page of the PSE Website(http://pse.eletsonline.com/2013/)

5. Which are the Award categories one can nominate themselves in?
For the Award category list, click on the Award Categories link on the Home page

6. Who all would be coming as the Key Speakers in the Conference?
For the complete Confirmed Key Speakers list for the PSE Summit, click on the Key Speakers link on the Home page of the Website

7. How do I contact the organizers for any Query?
Click on the Query Form link, http://pse.eletsonline.com/2013/query/ you can write to us and we will get back to you immediately. For any other queries you can source the concerned person number from the Contact Us section of our PSE Website.